Anchor Harvey Forgings Philosophy

Anchor Harvey believes in being a world-class forgings supplier and manufacturer of Aluminum components. We continually work to improve our forging process to produce even better metal products, with less waste, lower costs, and even faster turnaround times.

Our History

Anchor Harvey Components was founded in 1923. Harold Brown Harvey was the founder and President of the Anchor Harvey forging company until his death in 1949. He was a man with a keen sense of knowledge of how to forge intricate aluminum components. The Company, located at 74th Street and Ashland Avenue on Chicago’s south side, grew and prospered under Mr. Harvey’s leadership and quickly earned a reputation of being a leading forging company which could produce intricate metal products in a timely and cost-effective manner. This reputation still remains with the company today.

After World War II the Harvey Metal Corporation was purchased by Chicago Extruded Metals Company, a brass mill in Cicero, IL. The Company’s manufacturing now expanded its product offering to include a wider range of aluminum forgings.

Anchor Harvey remained in the greater Chicago land area e until 1979 when the company relocated to Freeport, IL.

Over the last decade Anchor Harvey has established itself as the industry leader for forged aluminum components forgings. Our customers know that when they have short lead times, intricate design requirements, or specialized services needed for their metal product requirements, they can count on Anchor Harvey Forged Components.

Industry leading aluminum forgings, when you need to “get it right, get it fast, get it hassle free."


AnchorHarvey is the leading provider of Aluminim Forgings 6061, Forged 7075 Aluminum, 2014 Aluminum forgings. We provide aluminum forged components and products for many industries such as aerospace. We often forge grades of aluminum such as 2014, 6061, 7075 t6. We have been in the forging industry for decades, and are looking forward to helping you complete your next project on time, and on spec.