With a 100-year history of creating tailor-made forged components for a wide variety of industries, you could say Anchor Harvey specializes in specializations. From our early beginnings forging hinges and sheriff badges to custom aluminum forging for modern applications such as helicopter hooks and missile gyroscopes for the aerospace market, there is almost no product we haven’t been able to help our customers create and improve. Whether you're in need of a part for life-saving medical devices, developing a breakthrough in electric transportation, or creating a brand new custom piece of hardware requiring high-strength, lightweight components, we have you covered.

Anchor Harvey is committed to advancing the performance of our customers’ products and applications using our knowledge of forging, engineering, and design, to provide innovative parts and specialty forged components of unequaled quality. Anchor Harvey’s forge consulting specialists and expert team can produce precise parts suitable for the most demanding applications from air freight cargo components with superior strength-to-weight ratios, to fan blades with reduced rotational loads for mining ventilation systems and turbine blowers. 

Providing our customers with an innovative edge in the global marketplace is the driving force behind our premier status as a tool and die maker and internationally renowned industrial forge manufacturer. Anchor Harvey’s specialty forged components are praised for their performance, reliability, and quality, and our dedicated team of professionals is always ready to assist you in creating your specialized aluminum components.

Parts We Forge

  • Free Standing Tank Lids
  • Man Hole Covers
  • Water Jet and Hydroelectric Turbo Machinery
  • Turbochargers and Supercharger Components
  • Fan and Turbojet Blades
  • Air Compressor Sections
  • Steam and Gas Turbine Components
  • Pump and Turbo Pump Components
  • Air Cargo Container Fixtures
  • Sling Hooks
  • Antenna Base Plates
  • And Many More...

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Why Choose Anchor Harvey?

Engineering Expertise

Our Engineering Department has the ability to create robust forging design to ensure component quality. Anchor Harvey’s engineering experience and knowledge help our partners maintain their competitive edge and lead their industries.

Technological Leadership

Anchor Harvey customers are able to take full advantage of state-of-the-art technologies. We provide our partners with the tools, opportunities, and industry-leading research and development capabilities to forge the foundations of their success.

Quality Assurance

A partnership with Anchor Harvey means you can rest easy knowing that your components are in the best hands in the industry. Our customers’ parts are constantly monitored and regularly audited to guarantee that your first part is identical to your millionth part.


Businesses that work with Anchor Harvey gain the confidence, trust, and credibility that comes from working with a certified industry leader. We are proud to meet and exceed the real-world needs of our partners with our rigorous standards and a wide range of certifications.

Specialty Gallery

Big Hub B
Big Hub B

Connecting Rod
Connecting Rod


Helicopter Sling Mount
Helicopter Sling Mount

Specialty Part 1
Specialty Part 1

Runway Light Covers
Runway Light Covers

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