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When working with a metal forging company, knowing the right questions to ask can minimize confusion and make the procurement process simple. Assemblers and end product manufacturers might know their own components, but have very little familiarity with the production process for those components.

To encourage growth during the pandemic, manufacturers should take a closer look at how marketing could help propel their business forward. Discover why Anchor Harvey decided to double down on marketing.

Leading a Company in the Current Business Climate Comes With Many Challenges, but There’s Still a Lot of Opportunity for Leaders Who Have the Right Mindset. In a Centuries-old Industry Like Manufacturing, Change Often Comes Gradually, but in the Midst of the Global Covid-19 Pandemic, the Sudden Pace of Transformation Has Opened the Door to New Possibilities.

Throughout 2021, the global supply chain has undergone a stress test unparalleled in modern history. In 2020, the pandemic closed factories, displaced workers, and crippled production worldwide, slowing shipments and disrupting the supplies of certain goods and materials.

Most people have heard the word “offshoring”, meaning the movement of production and manufacturing capabilities to foreign nations. Recent government policies and shocks to supply chains for manufacturing companies have incentivized the “reshoring” of production capabilities. This means moving production and manufacturing back to the home nation.

Anchor Harvey is celebrating 100 years of making durable metal parts and lasting impressions in the community.

FREEPORT — Freeport's Anchor Harvey, the aluminum forging company, is celebrating 100 years of serving the community this year.

Anchor Harvey has evolved from a brass and bronze forging shop to a data-driven aluminum forging company. It modernized the age-old aluminum forging process by introducing sophisticated technology to monitor and control every process step, ensuring consistency from 10 to 1,000,000+ parts.

Anchor Harvey is celebrating its 100th year in business in 2023, joining an elite number of Illinois organizations that have continuously operated in the state for over a century. The company has evolved from a brass and bronze forging shop to a data-driven aluminum forging company. It modernized the age-old aluminum forging process by introducing sophisticated technology to monitor and control every process step, ensuring consistency from 10 to 1,000,000+ parts. Nearly every industry creates products from Anchor Harvey’s forged components, from lifestyle brands to life-saving devices.

Amid a national skilled labor crisis, manufacturers must be creative to keep their shop floors staffed. The number of employees entering the manufacturing workforce is not keeping pace with the rate of employee retirement.  Automation and robotics help scale labor, but hiring a skilled team member remains invaluable to most manufacturers.

Throughout 2021, the global supply chain has undergone a stress test unparalleled in modern history. In 2020, the pandemic closed factories, displaced workers and crippled production worldwide, slowing shipments and disrupting the supply of certain goods and materials. The result of the ongoing turmoil is what many experts refer to as The Big Crunch of 2021.

Anchor Harvey is excited to announce our recent award from MOTOR as one of their Top 20 most innovative companies working in the automotive industry.

Learn more about the benefits of forged aluminum components for the automotive industry and electric vehicles in this featured article in Forging Magazine.

Read Anchor Harvey's latest piece in Forging Magazine about how providing assurances on lead times and quality has proven to be an effective way to guide businesses on how and why to bring their manufacturing supplies back to the United States.

Read the recent coverage by Alt Energy Magazine about our Electric Vehicle Workgroup and how we’re delivering high-strength, lightweight parts for next-generation vehicles.

In today’s environment, finding the right marketing message and taking the correct actions can be challenging. This article from FORGE Magazine looks at how Anchor Harvey managed to thrive throughout the pandemic with the right message at the right moment.

Read the latest article in Industry Today by Anchor Harvey, about how new EV technology is changing the forging industry and how companies can adapt to meet the needs of electric vehicles.

Get the full coverage from Light Metal Age, the bi-monthly publication covering the global value chain of the aluminum industry, regarding the announcement of our Electric Vehicle Workgroup and what it means for the future of sustainable transportation.

Read Auto Tech Outlook’s coverage of how Anchor Harvey is exploring every part of what it takes to produce electric vehicles, including sedans, trucks, bicycles, motorcycles, and more.

Forging is a production process often associated with the heavy metal days of manufacturing’s past. Read how Anchor Harvey is pushing the forging industry into the future in this piece from Assembly Magazine.

Motor Magazine recently covered the launch of our EV Workgroup. See what they had to say about how we’re helping the electric vehicle market forge forward.

FORGE Magazine and its focus on forging industry news and the business and technology of forging shone the spotlight on Anchor Harvey recently with the launch of our Electric Vehicle Workgroup. Read on to discover what they had to say.

Discover how Anchor Harvey is extending component life and alleviating supply chain bottlenecks in the aerospace industry in our latest featured article.

Anchor Harvey, a data-driven aluminum forging company that seeks to set new standards for sustainable transportation, today announced the launch of its new Electric Vehicle (EV) Workgroup. The new

At the beginning of the pandemic, the coronavirus's speed and scope posed extraordinary challenges for manufacturers across the country and around the world. Learn how Anchor Harvey stepped up to the challenge.

Anchor Harvey discusses trends in manufacturer reshoring, industry transformation, and how to thrive in the midst of a pandemic in the latest issue of Aluminum International Today.

This whitepaper from Anchor Harvey provides a comparative analysis of the additional and often overlooked costs commonly inherent in overseas manufacturing to the benefits of stateside reshoring.

Read Forging Magazine's write-up about how Anchor Harvey maintains a continuous workflow production model and a pattern of continuous growth in the production of quality closed-die aluminum forgings.

Listen to Anchor Harvey on why it doubled down on aggressive marketing tactics at the start of COVID-19.

Anchor Harvey discusses the Industry 4.0 tools it has been implementing to learn more about itself and its processes on episode 475 of the Manufacturing Talk

Read the Journal Standard's latest write-up of Anchor Harvey about how we have been able to diversify our business and thrive in the midst of the pandemic.

Discover how the sudden pace of transformation has opened the door to new possibilities and enabling beneficial supply chain revisions in this SDC Executive article.

2020 has been anything but the norm for businesses, entrepreneurs, employees, and customers. Every business has been hit with new challenges. Listen to Anchor Harvey's strategies for dealing with those challenges.

Explore how Anchor Harvey is focusing on forgings designed for medical uses and developing new ways to rapidly respond to demands for critical parts in this Forging Magazine article.

In March 2019, we set an ambitious goal to be AS9100 certified by year’s end. Read how we did it and how it has put Anchor Harvey in a position to continue operating safely and effectively at full capacity.

Forging, as a metal forming process, defines itself by forcing a ductile metal component into a specific shape as needed for its purpose. Forging provides several definite advantages over other metal forming processes such as casting, but that’s not a complete capture of the intricacies of metal forging.

Read Anchor Harvey’s piece in the latest issue of Aluminium International Today examining the uses of aluminum forging in aerospace. From its earliest origins to modern alloys, learn how aluminum has shaped the industry.

With over 35 years of experience in engineering and precision forge manufacturing, Anchor Harvey’s Kerry Kubatzke discusses the trends that are currently shaping the aerospace forging industry in Forging Magazine.

Learn all about Anchor Harvey’s AS9100 certification process and how our new aerospace certification is enabling stronger, lighter, and more advanced aluminum components and helped prepare us for COVID-19 in Light Metal Age.

Anchor Harvey was interviewed by the 23 WIFR news team. Watch the full piece to see additional interviews with the community and get the full story about how Anchor Harvey is supporting Freeport.

Discover why the engineering and news publication, Design News, recently discussed Anchor Harvey in a feature on how technology-driven manufacturers are fighting coronavirus and learn more about everything we’re doing.

Anchor Harvey recently flew back out to Las Vegas for the nation's largest gathering of professionals in the sport shooting, hunting, and outdoor industry. Curious what the closed-to-the-public SHOT Show is all about? We’ll tell you.

Take a peek into how Anchor Harvey is continuing to support our nation’s first-responders as well as the defense and medical industries by reading our recent coverage in Medical Device News Magazine.

A 100-Year Legacy Built on Sweat, Quality, and Innovation. Learn more about how we grew from a small startup to one of the largest aluminum forging companies in the world.

Anchor Harvey has been recognized by the Forging Industry Association for the completion of our AS9100 certification. See Anchor Harvey’s full-page spread in FIA Magazine.

Leading industry publication, Aluminium International Today, examined Anchor Harvey’s support of the pandemic response efforts. See what they had to say to their global audience about Anchor Harvey.

Accomplished industry news source, Medical Design & Outsourcing, recently covered our work during the coronavirus pandemic. Read what they had to say about our medical forgings and capabilities.

Anchor Harvey has been featured in Forging Magazine. See what they had to say about us and our achievements in the aerospace industry.

Anchor Harvey has been featured on the Freeport News Network. Discover what they had to say about us and our continued support of the Freeport community.

Having received our AS9100 certification, our focus here at Anchor Harvey has begun to shift toward the future of aerospace. Discover how Anchor Harvey will be shaping the industry in the years to come.

Aviation Week recently highlighted Anchor Harvey in an article that shined a spotlight on our continuing work and latest accomplishments in the forging industry. See what they had to say.

Anchor Harvey has been classified as an essential business and will be continuing operations to support our nation's first-responders as well as defense and medical industries.

Learn what Aviation Pros has to say about Anchor Harvey, our recent AS9100 certification, and our continued achievements in the aerospace, defense, and aviation markets.

Anchor Harvey is proud to announce the completion of our AS9100 certification to our long-standing aerospace partners as well as our new aviation customers.

Anchor Harvey forges forward with efforts to better support Aerospace customers and expand aluminum forming capabilities with a new certification.

Anchor Harvey, a leading national provider of aluminum forgings, today announced the company’s rebrand. Why'd we do it?

Fast cars, loud engines, we live for this stuff. Anchor Harvey recently took to the floor at SEMA 2019. But, would we go back?