Anchor Harvey Announces Exciting New Rebrand

For 100 years, Anchor Harvey has been raising the bar in the aluminum forging industry, leading the way in innovation, data integration, personality and thought. With a century of experience and a team of engineers who pride themselves on being able to craft almost anything – and with more innovations on the way – Anchor Harvey has grown far beyond its early origins, leading to the new look.

Anchor Harvey Brand Logo Comparison and Refresh

The modernized logo brings a sharp new visual identity, characterizing the brand as bold, smart, effective, and original while maintaining a connection to the company’s long and durable roots. Anchor Harvey’s emphasis on providing a full suite of products and services to companies is reflected in the new tagline, "It’s not what we make. It’s what we make possible." This language speaks to the core belief that in a vast, ever-changing, and complex landscape, Anchor Harvey can fully cater to each and every business to help them establish and secure their success.


Anchor Harvey’s rebranding further enables the company to stand out, not only within the aluminum forgings industry but also within the ever-growing, data-driven technology ecosystem. Having modernized the age-old aluminum forging process by introducing leading-edge technology to monitor and control every step of the process; Anchor Harvey creates products that are as durable as they are useful to help its customers bring products to market faster and with the highest quality—facts which are embodied by the contemporary restyling and updated iconography.


Most notably, the new branding represents change. Anchor Harvey is changing because the world around is changing and the company has an unmatched determination to continuously forge ahead and never stop leading the way.