Choosing American Made: The Benefits of Working with a US-Based Forging Company

“Made in America” is a consistent sign of quality that many consumers look for in their everyday lives. While the considerations of the average consumer do not translate directly to the decisions made at the level of corporate manufacturing, there are still numerous advantages to choosing products made in America. For the metal forging industry, this article will outline some of the many benefits that come from sourcing your parts in the U.S.A.

Reliable Quality

It is commonly believed that products made in America are of a higher quality and greater reliability than those made in other nations. For the metal forging industry, the reliability and quality of American-made products are particularly noticeable. Metal forging companies in the U.S.A. are held to a higher standard at nearly all points in the production process that contribute to the ultimate quality of forged products. These expectations for American firms as well as the deep history of metalworking and manufacturing in the U.S.A., means that American forging companies reliably provide better products.

Better Communication

Companies that frequently communicate across time zones and with foreign firms or foreign offices will know all too well the difficulties of clear and consistent communication. Cultural differences can lead to miscommunication of expectations, language barriers can add burdensome translation requirements, and time-zone differences can sometimes make scheduling a meeting or even getting quick answers to simple questions nearly impossible. Manufacturing firms can be severely hampered by the delays or mistakes that may result; with forged metal products, such mistakes may incur huge costs or dangerous accidents. Choosing forging companies in the U.S.A. minimizes these communication difficulties, eliminating a simple but pernicious barrier to quality in an industry that demands high standards.

Improved Technical Assistance

Technical assistance is critical when sourcing forged metal products at nearly every step in the production process. Design benefits from a consistent conversation between part designers and forge engineers; assistance in choosing or designing the perfect alloy and determining the types of treatment and testing procedures that will be necessary all contribute to the performance of the final product. Once production is completed, better technical assistance can aid with any reworking or replacement of parts that might be necessary. Sourcing products from forging companies in the U.S.A. means better technical assistance with stronger consistency.

Transportation Benefits

Shipping is expensive and time-consuming, and that is especially true for international shipping. Large shipments of forged metal components are incredibly heavy and may require large amounts of space on ships, and these incur burdensome costs; those costs are multiplied for shipping via air cargo. In addition, shipping via sea routes can take many weeks to months for a single shipment to travel from the manufacturer’s shop to the customer's site due to travel time and passing through customs. Sourcing components from forging companies in the U.S.A. minimizes costs and lead times, which means shorter timelines and more options for customers.

Supply Chain Stability

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic exposed the fragility of global supply chains as production slowed around the world. Over-reliance on foreign manufacturing crippled American manufacturers as foreign governments issued restrictions, some minor and some extremely strict. Now, nearly four years after the beginning of the pandemic, companies are learning the benefits of a more local supply chain that minimizes reliance on foreign firms that are subject to the priorities of foreign governments. Shorter supply chains give customers more transparency into the operations of their suppliers, allowing for more consistent project planning and overall greater reliability.

Made in America Guarantees

While not all products made in foreign countries are inferior to American-made products, American manufacturing is known for being, on average, of high quality. Buying American products means that customers support American businesses, contribute to the growth of the American economy, foster independence in America’s manufacturing sector, strengthen America against the priorities and actions of foreign governments, and secure the future of American workers. American firms are subject to greater workplace safety rules, stricter oversight to curb corruption, and rigorous environmental standards. In addition, manufacturers who sell to security-conscious clients like the defense industry may also be required to source their metal parts from metal forging companies in the U.S.A.

Anchor Harvey is proud to be an american company

Anchor Harvey is a top-tier metal forging company in the U.S.A., forging high-quality components for performance industries like motorsports, automotive, aerospace, and medical. Anchor Harvey is reliable, provides quality technical assistance to customers, manages a complex but efficient supply network of American contractors, and runs most of its processes in-house. Anchor Harvey’s numerous industry association memberships and multiple industry certifications including AS9100, ISO-9001, CQI-9, and iTAR, make them one of the premier forging companies in America.

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