The Anchor Harvey team was on the ground in Las Vegas, Nevada last week attending the Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show—the largest industry convention of its type in the nation. More than 65,000 people and over 2,000 exhibiting manufacturers flocked to the glitz and glamour of the city’s famous strip where this year’s show introduced a windfall of new products to industry professionals.


The products found inside the 13-acre Sands Expo Center were designed to help people shoot more accurately, hunt more effectively, and get more enjoyment from time spent outdoors. Perhaps most interestingly, since the SHOT Show was not open to the general public, the wares on display were less commonly focused on meeting a specific need and were instead presented as demonstrations of exhibitors’ innovative prowess. At SHOT, manufacturers roll out products that they've spent months (sometimes years) developing which will set the path for the future of the industry.


Known as innovators in aluminum forged components, Anchor Harvey—industry-renowned for its stamped splintered “A” logo—was represented on the show floor by Account Manager Kerry Kubatzke. Kubatzke, speaking about his time spent roaming the convention, said, “the show floor is immense, I think it’s physically impossible for a single visitor to see everything at SHOT but I was glad to see some old friends and make a few new ones while I was there and I was excited to see some truly impressive and interesting products in the pipeline that Anchor Harvey can help develop and bring to market.”