Our approach is different because we start by thinking about the end. Instead of just delivering the forged component, we consider how to best support the final application throughout every step of our one-stop-forge-shop process.


We’re a full-service operation with in-house engineering, tool and die, and a robust forging process. What we do extends beyond our walls. Our team will manage additional, related steps of the supply chain to help our customers bring finished parts to market.

We push the boundaries of product innovation to bring better final applications to the market. By getting involved in the early-stage design, our engineers can make recommendations for product improvements, regardless of complexity, and provide you an aluminum forged sample. Anchor Harvey can engineer from a napkin sketch or custom forging design or model to deliver your custom aluminum forging components. Read more about Anchor Harvey design engineering.

New tools can be developed quickly with in-house tool and die capabilities. We machine die blocks in-house for faster turnaround and full control of the product quality with CNC mills, prep equipment, and state-of-the-art tool steels. Our in-house tool and die capabilities allow for design changes in as little as one week. Read more about Anchor Harvey tool and die.

Anchor Harvey offers 100% domestic material sourcing. Creative material sourcing allows Anchor Harvey, in partnership with our suppliers, to reduce lead time and we can achieve as little as zero lead time for key raw material items. Anchor Harvey aluminum forging alloys are most commonly forged from 2000 Series Aluminum (2014-T6; 2014-t651), 6000 Series Aluminum (6061-T6; 6061-T651), or 7000 Series Aluminum (7075-T651). Download material data sheets on the Capabilities page. Read more about Anchor Harvey material sourcing.

The work stations on our floor are set up for the most efficient, cellular manufacturing flow through our shop, and our variety and redundancy of presses support capacity for many different forged aluminum part requirements and sizes. Anchor Harvey's closed die forging process supports precision aluminum components up to 36 inches in length. Our single-piece flow press lines create efficient forging throughout. Read more about Anchor Harvey closed-die aluminum forging.

We are CQI-9 in-house heat treat certified and can achieve your desired tempering and material strength. Heat treating aluminum alloys can help achieve the high-strength, lightweight component you need. Contact our field engineers if you need support in specifying tempering and material strength. Read more about Anchor Harvey heat treating.

Anchor Harvey can provide a wide range of inspection processes from full PPAPs to 3D scan comparison and CMM layouts. We provide physical testing for tensile, yield, and hardness to ensure final application performance with additional testing available upon request. Read more about Anchor Harvey inspection services.

If you require a service outside of our capabilities, we have a partner network to support your finished component including machining, assembly, plating and anodizing. Our value chain partnerships support your finished component. If you need additional support, contact our team and we can discuss accommodations. Read more about Anchor Harvey supply chain management.

Products are always packaged and shipped with care, so your components are received in the quality and timeframe that you expect. Anchor Harvey's on-time delivery is focused on meeting your production lead times and supporting new product speed-to-market. Read more about Anchor Harvey shipping.