At Anchor Harvey, we focus on the production process to shorten lead times and ensure the quality of each part. However, shipping and shipping timelines are just as important.


Anchor Harvey is proud to guarantee quality and fast shipping times on all orders to anywhere within the United States and worldwide. Anchor Harvey provides fast turnaround times and reliable delivery windows, of which customers can be assured. In addition, Anchor Harvey is willing to work with customers on improving reliable speed-to-market business strategies.


The Importance of Speed-to-Market

Anchor Harvey is dedicated to supporting speed-to-market initiatives from customers, especially those in the consumer product industries and various B2C applications. The automotive, consumer product, and hobby industries rely on getting products out fast to achieve speed-to-market. Having speed-to-market can benefit a business greatly in a few ways:


    • A business with good speed-to-market strategies gets their product in front of customers first, making it less likely that a prospective buyer will purchase a competitor’s product. Buyers have a bias toward the first product they encounter and will instinctively compare competitor products to the first they saw.


    • Good speed-to-market spurs innovation. A company that is always at the forefront of their industry is achieving greater sales with new products and can also move onto the next product while other manufacturers are still working on the previous product line.


    • The first company to come out with a new product will be the subject of news and industry headlines. This improves their reputation and ensures that their products stay ahead of competitors once the competition inevitably releases their own products. It’s always good to be known as an industry leader rather than a follower.


Benefits of Fast and Safe Shipping

Customers benefit in the following ways from our professional, quick, and quality shipping methods:


    • Short and Reliable Lead Times: Receiving a part quickly that doesn't require fixing or replacing means that customers can get their forged aluminum parts into production lines faster and more easily. The fast and reliable lead times that Anchor Harvey can guarantee allows customers to plan their production processes around receiving their parts on time.


    • Quality Guarantee: Damage in shipping is not uncommon for many businesses. As such, Anchor Harvey packages and ships their products with protections to minimize the possibility of damage regardless of the part’s travel plan. When the customer receives their parts,  they know that each packaged part will arrive exactly as ordered.


    • Fast Fixes: Should a customer require reworking or fixing of parts, the fast and reliable shipping methods that Anchor Harvey employs can ensure that part is received, reworked, and returned to the customer as fast as possible—minimizing time spent waiting for the new part.


At Anchor Harvey, we’re proud to package and ship your products with care. Request a quote today.

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