Supply Chain Management

Anchor Harvey is dedicated to providing the greatest quality forged aluminum products to nearly any industry. For the design and engineering, forging, tool and die, heat treatment, and inspection processes, Anchor Harvey provides an in-house solution to reduce supply-chain complications. For all other solutions, Anchor Harvey utilizes its complex network of suppliers and partners to make the process as smooth and as efficient as possible. 


Anchor Harvey is proud to support domestic businesses and local suppliers, cultivating a quick and organized supply chain that ensures fast turnarounds and consistent quality.


Services Offered

Anchor Harvey’s complex supply chain supports our extensive in-house services surrounding the aluminum forging process. The following external processes are offered through our extensive partner network:


    • Machining: Sometimes, a part needs to meet exacting standards that’s not possible for a forge to achieve. Any plate or part that will need to form a water- or air-tight seal while under high pressure will need post-forge machining. Anchor Harvey’s network of machine shops can perform milling, turning, grinding, electric discharge cutting, burnishing, and drilling to tolerances within microns.


    • Assembly: Some customers require assemblies and sub-assemblies to be completed before arriving at their facility. In this case, Anchor Harvey has a network of assembly shops that can perform assembly and pre-assembly procedures for nearly any type of component and system regardless of application or industry. 


    • Anodizing: When a part is subject to corrosion or inclement weather, anodizing may be necessary. Anodizing processes build up a protective layer in a controlled environment and can add coloration to the part simultaneously. The resulting anodizing layer is incredibly tough, scratch-resistant, immune to corrosion, chemically stable, maintains the aluminum’s metallic look, and is low cost and completely non-hazardous.


    • Plating and Coating: Occasionally, a customer is looking for a specific aesthetic (common in the automotive and aerospace industries). In that case, a coating or plating shop will use a process called electro-plating that bonds a thin layer of metals or minerals to the surface of a part. These bonds form at a molecular level, making the adhesion nearly unbreakable and resistant to wear and tear. Coatings can also have functional benefits that reduce chemical corrosion, protect from seawater damage, or add properties such as radiation absorption or special color properties.


    • Complex Inspection: Anchor Harvey’s in-house inspection facilities have the capabilities for standard CMM, hardness, strength, and 3D scanning methods. However, if a customer requires exotic inspection procedures such as complex chemical tests or certain uncommon mechanical tests, Anchor Harvey has a network of inspection shops that can accommodate.


Benefits of Anchor Harvey’s Network

Anchor Harvey’s supply chain methods and complete network of local and professional partners have a number of benefits:


    • Quality Guarantee: Anchor Harvey stakes our reputation on the quality of both our own production methods and those of our partnered facilities. Anchor Harvey can guarantee that all products have benefitted from a strict set of quality standards. We utilize industry-standard process tracking methods (such as automotive standard Part Production Approval Process) to ensure that each step is completed adequately.


    • Lead Times: When the entire process is designed with the end in mind, and outside suppliers are considered from the beginning, lead times can be minimized. Anchor Harvey’s network can have parts sent out and returned from vendors within a day for most processes, minimizing completion time and getting customers their products faster.


    • Reliability: Anchor Harvey knows its suppliers and partners. Each partner relationship is cultivated through a history of good quality work and strict production standards. We know that each of our partners will always complete their work on time with minimal mistakes.

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