Anchor Harvey
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This is Anchor Harvey. For 100 years we’ve forged aluminum components that empower incredible experiences.

We provide 100% domestic material sourcing and work in partnership with our suppliers to offer the best lead times in the industry for the key raw aluminum alloys used to forge your component.

Our forge engineering team improves your final product by delivering design and alloy optimizations that can help reduce lead times and cost almost regardless of your past’s complexity.

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality forged aluminum products using our in-house machine die blocks, CNC mills, prep equipment, and state-of-the-art tool steels for fast turnaround.

We have a variety of forge presses with redundant presses ready to support forged aluminum parts with a wide range of requirements and sizes. Plus, the cellular manufacturing flow on our shop floor ensures your parts are always produced as efficiently as possible.

We are CQI-9 in-house heat treat certified and our proprietary in-house heat treatment process is coordinated with the rest of the production process to consistently achieve your desired tempering and material strength.

We provide a wide range of inspection processes from full PPAPs to 3D scan comparison, CMM layouts, to testing for tensile, yield, hardness, and more upon request to ensure the performance of your final application.

Products are always packaged and shipped with care, so your components are received in the quality and timeframe that you expect and our partner network can support your finished component with everything from machining and assembly to plating and anodizing.