Forge for Life

To our valued customers, employees, and partners; This year Anchor Harvey achieves a business milestone by turning 100 years old. Anchor Harvey opened its doors for business in March of 1923. During the century that followed, Anchor Harvey continually innovated and discovered ways to meet the demands of our customers in an ever-changing marketplace.

We would like to take this moment to say “thank you” to all the great customers we were able to serve over the years. Working with you has been our pleasure. To all the many employees who poured their hearts and souls out during the humble beginnings, to all the current day world-class professionals working in a high-tech manufacturing company, to our valued business partners who worked arm to arm with us through all the years, our sincere, heartfelt, thank you.

To the next historic 100 years of forging for the best, by the best, and with the help of the best partners.

Anchor Harvey

One Team, One Goal

Countless people have helped carry out the Anchor Harvey mission for 100 years. Our employees, customers and partners have collaborated to build better products, from lifestyle brands to life-saving devices. Thank you for partnering with Anchor Harvey and sharing the highlights of your experiences!

Paid for a couple's morning coffee and donuts at Donut Delight

Paid for a patron's gas at Circle K

Purchased meals from Cimino's Little Italy for the Freeport Police Department

Bought items for customers at Circle K

Purchased groceries for patrons at Cub Foods

Bought and delivered pet supplies from Farm & Fleet to VOICES of Stephenson County

Bought groceries for patrons at Sullivan's Foods

Purchased and delivered 88 summer clothing items to the Freeport Area Church Cooperative, a shelter and food pantry

Helped a mother and daughter purchase gas and change their tire

Picked up the tabs for customers at Casey's

Visited the Freeport Central Fire Department with lunch from 312 Beef

Treated McDonald's customers to their meals

Purchased breakfast for multiple tables at Big Apple Family Restaurant

Contributed three kids bikes to Inspired Victory Lodge #1 for their bike giveaway

Bought items for a mother and daughter at Walmart, including a toy the little girl coveted

Purchased potted flowers for the Senior Resource Center

Purchased lunch from Imperial Palace for staff at the FHN Leonard C. Ferguson Cancer Center

Purchased breakfast for seven people at Landmark Family Restaurant

Purchased pizza for Liberty Village Nursing Home

Purchased car washes for 9 individuals at Water Castle Car Wash

Purchased breakfast for 30 people at Beltline Café

Treated YMCA daycare teachers to coffee and donuts for Teacher Appreciation Week

Purchased gift cards of $25 to $100 and gave them to people at Krape Park

Purchased pool passes for a 7th grader and an 8th grader at Freeport Middle School

Purchased pizza for FHN Emergency Room Staff

Purchased breakfast pizza for Freeport School District registration office

Purchased water and gatorade for Freeport High School Varsity football team

Paid off a student's balance at HCC for the Fall 2023 semester

Purchased breakfast pizza for Freeport Post office

Purchased back packs and pencil pouches for Freeport School District and Channel 13 Stuff The Bus

Purchased medication for a pharmacy patron whose insurance could not cover the cost


Origins of The Anchor Harvey Way

Anchor Harvey emerged from the grit of the American Industrial Revolution. Since then, we have evolved from a brass and bronze forging shop to a data-driven aluminum forging company.

  1. 1884

    On June 20, Harold Brown Harvey, the future founder of Harvey Metal Corporation, is born in Parkman, Maine. By age 35, he would distinguish himself in the electrical engineering sector by founding the Marquette Electric Engineering and Switchboard company in 1915 and the Harvey Electric Company in 1919.

  2. 1923

    Harold B. Harvey founds Harvey Metal Corporation in Chicago, Ill., amid rapid growth in the electrical industry. Harvey Metals forged copper and copper alloys as well as an exotic metal—aluminum.

  3. 1925

    Harvey Metal Corporation becomes the first company to use the Ford Air Express, the world's first regularly scheduled commercial cargo airline, created by Ford Motor Company. It flew forged aluminum components from Chicago to the Ford airplane production plant in Dearborn, Mich.

  4. 1942

    Under the direction of the United States War Production Board, Harvey Metal Corporation turns to wartime production. It mass-produced brass munition components and aluminum airplane parts.

  5. 1945

    After World War II, the Harvey Metal Corporation is purchased by Chicago Extruded Metal, a brass mill in Cicero, Ill. Extruded Metal had been the brass material supplier to Harvey Metals since 1923.

  6. 1946

    Harvey Metal Corporation becomes the first forging plant to produce drop-forged brass, thanks to an invention by founder Harold B. Harvey. The new production method gave brass components added strength for heavy-duty applications like automotive frames. Over the next three decades, Harvey Metal continues to be a leading brass and aluminum forging shop in Chicago.

  7. 1976

    Harvey Metal Corporation merges with another division of Chicago Extruded Metal, Anchor Screw Products, to form Anchor Harvey Components in Addison, Ill. Anchor Harvey is a full-service production plant that can forge, machine, and heat treat products entirely in-house.

  8. 1978

    Anchor Harvey builds a modern 100,000-square-foot forging and machining facility in Freeport, Ill., and begins relocating.

  9. 1980

    Anchor Harvey finishes moving to its new 100,000-square-foot facility in Freeport, Ill. The following decade brings tremendous expansion. From the early to late 1980s, Anchor Harvey grows from one full shift to three, despite the global recession.

  10. 1988

    A private investment group purchases Anchor Harvey. Larry Fey transitions from sales manager to president of the company.

  11. 1994

    The passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) increases foreign competition for brass forging. For long-term viability, Anchor Harvey shifts from primarily brass to aluminum forging. The transition would take several years.

  12. 1994

    Anchor Harvey acquires its first computer numerical control (CNC) machine, a Milltronics lightweight vertical CNC mill. At the time, only one employee at the company was able to create the G-code programs for the machine.

  13. 1999

    Anchor Harvey is purchased by Boler Ventures LLC. Other Boler companies include Hendrickson, a global leader in heavy-duty suspensions, and Watson and Chalin, a manufacturer of truck and trailer axles and suspensions.

  14. 1999

    Anchor Harvey adds archery to its industries served. As part of the transition to aluminum forging, Anchor Harvey partners with Matthews Archery to produce aluminum frames for competition bows.

  15. 2002

    Anchor Harvey invests in improvements and growth to achieve the ISO 9001:2000 Certification. The credential demonstrates Anchor Harvey’s dedication to producing the most reliable, consistent, and top-quality forgings available.

  16. 2003

    Anchor Harvey settles a labor union dispute and overhauls much of its workforce.

  17. 2003

    A student intern from The Ohio State University writes a report on the inefficiencies of Anchor Harvey’s batch production method, prompting the examination of new production methods.

  18. 2007

    Anchor Harvey installs the first Weingarten screw press (5,000 ton), increasing capacity and adding new production capabilities.

  19. 2010

    Facility renovations begin to support a cellular manufacturing process. The new process replaces Anchor Harvey’s five-step batch production with one continuous workflow.

  20. 2011

    Anchor Harvey installs a full single-piece flow production line. The method proves to be vastly more efficient than batch production, leading to the installation of multiple lines over the next few years.

  21. 2012

    Continued growth requires a significant building addition, expanding the Anchor Harvey facility to 110,000 square feet.

  22. 2013

    The second Weingarten screw press (5,500 ton) is added to production.

  23. 2013

    Anchor Harvey invests in process control monitoring technology to regulate the manufacturing process from start to finish.

  24. 2013

    Improved production capacity wins Anchor Harvey its biggest customer contract to date, manufacturing motorcycle components for Harley-Davidson.

  25. 2018

    The third Weingarten screw press (4,700 ton) is installed, and the fourth (2,400 ton) becomes operational.

  26. 2018

    Five cellular workflows are completed, offering customers unmatched lead time and speed-to-market. Now, a single component can be manufactured in less than 48 hours, and each line can produce thousands of parts per day.

  27. 2018

    Anchor Harvey hosts its first company picnic. These picnics would become a staple of the company culture and rival small carnivals in size.

  28. 2019

    Anchor Harvey launches an update to its company branding.

  29. 2019

    Anchor Harvey continues improving its production lines. It adds extended loading belts that reduce time spent loading parts and begins fitting automation.

  30. 2019

    Anchor Harvey achieves AS-9100 certification, a set of quality management standards for the defense and aviation industries.

  31. 2020

    Anchor Harvey invests in specialty processes to achieve NADCAP Certification (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program).

  32. 2020

    With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Anchor Harvey rapidly shifts production to respirator valves for Tycho-Scott. Anchor Harvey produced the valves in low numbers before the pandemic, but the sudden need for respirators increased the demand by 2,600%.

  33. 2021

    Anchor Harvey launches its Electric Vehicle (EV) Workgroup to address the growing need for lightweight aluminum vehicle components critical to EV production.

  34. 2022

    Anchor Harvey looks ahead to a bright future amid growing demand for electric vehicles, the increased automation of production lines, and continued company growth.

  35. 2023

    Anchor Harvey plans to implement robotics in forge operations and packaging, which will revolutionize the operation of the factory floor. Within 10 years, it hopes to fully automate production lines with robots.

Anchor Harvey's Forged Aluminum Helicopter Sling Mount;
Anchor Harvey's Forged Aluminum Front Suspesion, Automotive Components;
Anchor Harvey's Forged Aluminum Flex Hone Drag;
Anchor Harvey's Forged Aluminum Bomb Cart Wheel Hub;

Innovations Engineered for a Brilliant Future

As makers and consumers of our customers’ products, we understand how each forging impacts the final experience. That is why we have pushed the boundaries of innovation since 1923.

Drop-Forged Brass

In the early 20th century, the Harvey Metal Corporation developed a method of drop-forging (forging with a power hammer) for brass and bronze. The invention enabled Harvey Metal to reliably produce components of high strength for use in machines, automobiles, and munitions.

Precision Aluminum Forging

Anchor Harvey has modernized the age-old aluminum forging process. Our $10 million investment in data monitoring equipment controls the process from start to finish, ensuring part consistency from 10 to +1,000,000 pieces.

Cellular Manufacturing Forge Process

We turned five forging steps (cutting, hot forging, deburring, trimming, and inspecting) into one continuous workflow. With this industry-leading process, the cycle time through our facility is typically less than one week, subject to volume, and virtually eliminates work in progress.

Forged Components for Electric Vehicles

We launched our Electric Vehicle (EV) Workgroup to provide high-strength, lightweight forged components for the next generation of transportation. The EV Workgroup works with clients to produce components for electric transport of every style and price point.

Automation with Robotics

In 2023, we are beginning a decade-long effort to automate more production tasks at Anchor Harvey with robotics. Robotics will revolutionize our factory floor, further enabling our customers to achieve unmatched lead time and speed to market.

Forge Ahead With Us

As the needs of our customers and the world evolve, so do we. We will always aim to improve upon The Anchor Harvey Way, even after a century in business. Partner with Anchor Harvey now, and you will never look back.

Consistency by
Process Control

You will only find our degree of sophistication at Anchor Harvey. We technically monitor our process, product, and customer satisfaction to ensure consistent products from 10 to +1,000,000.



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