At Anchor Harvey, we are committed to providing the support you need to help medical professionals care for their patients. We are proud to have over 30-years of experience forging products for the medical industry and a corporate tradition of helping those in need. From prosthetics and leg braces to hospital bed frameworks, hip stabilizers, and respirator valves for breathing apparatuses, we craft each and every one of our medical forgings with the highest precision and utmost care. That’s why so many leading medical technology providers, healthcare device manufacturers, as well as equipment suppliers for our nation’s first-responders, all rely on medical forgings from Anchor Harvey.  

Every medical component forged by Anchor Harvey benefits from decades of our experience, development of data-driven technologies, as well as the capabilities and sophistication of a global industry leader. With exacting attention to detail, our components are recognized around the world for their impeccable craftsmanship—enhancing the quality-of-life for medical patients and ensuring peace-of-mind for medical professionals.

Weʼre focused on improving health outcomes for patients by helping medical equipment manufacturers solve today’s greatest health challenges through meaningful innovation. When you work with Anchor Harvey, you’re working with a partner who is helping elevate the standards of care around the world because, at Anchor Harvey, we forge for life.

Medical Parts We Forge

  • Leg Brace
  • Prosthetic Knee Joints
  • Hip Joint Swivel
  • Respirator Valves
  • Specialty Equipment
  • Hospital Bed Components
  • And Many More...

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Why Choose Anchor Harvey?

Engineering Expertise

Our Engineering Department is your insurance for design integrity and component quality. Anchor Harvey’s engineering experience and knowledge help our partners maintain their competitive edge and lead their industries.

Technological Leadership

Anchor Harvey customers are able to take full advantage of state-of-the-art technologies. We provide our partners with the tools, opportunities, and industry-leading research and development capabilities to forge the foundations of their success.

Quality Assurance

A partnership with Anchor Harvey means you can rest easy knowing that your components are in the best hands in the industry. Our customers’ parts are constantly monitored and regularly audited to guarantee that your first part is identical to your millionth part.


Businesses that work with Anchor Harvey gain the confidence, trust, and credibility that comes from working with a certified industry leader. We are proud to meet and exceed the real-world needs of our partners with our rigorous standards and a wide range of certifications.

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