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Consistency, Efficiency, Expertise: Three reasons The Anchor Harvey Way is the best way. We technically monitor our process, our product, and our customer’s satisfaction from start to finish. Partner with Anchor Harvey and you'll never look back.

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Our investment in process control ensures consistent products from 1 to +1,000,000. You won’t find this degree of sophistication at another forge shop. We technically monitor our process, our product, and our customer’s satisfaction. We’ve made significant investments in equipment with data monitoring capabilities to control the process from start to finish.


Data Acquisition System

Our data acquisition system ensures machine stability and part consistency from 1 to +1,000,000 pieces. We use statistical process control (SPC) to verify part consistency. We guarantee results by monitoring machine and process inputs throughout each production run, such as part dimensions, press tonnage, press performance, and the temperatures of the billet, die, and solution furnace.

Preventative and Predictive Maintenance

We manage the equipment, the equipment doesn’t manage us. Because downtime in the forging industry can be months, we’ve developed a system to improve uptime and eliminate unexpected downtime. Our preventative maintenance program has been audited by major OEMs and press manufacturers and is consistently recognized as a premier program.

  • Digitally Monitored - Our computerized system allows us to stay forward-focused, maintaining a stellar safety and production record.
  • Critical Spare Part Inventory - To ensure machine uptime, we also keep an inventory of critical spare parts for all pieces of equipment.

Compliance Accreditations and Certifications

We are continually seeking new ways to support our customers and deepen our knowledge.

ISO 9001 Certified Stamp for Anchor Harvey's Quality Management System
CQI-9 Compliant Seal for Anchor Harvey Heat Treated Components
ITAR Compliance Stamp for Anchor Harvey's Defense and Aerospace Forging
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Throughout our century of experience, we’ve gained the expertise to systematize our facility so our customers can achieve an unmatched lead time, speed-to-market, and budget efficiencies.


Production Lead Time

Efficiency equals unmatched throughput.

  • Cellular Manufacturing Forge Process - Our customers are able to carry less inventory because we ship parts every day of every week. We’ve turned five steps—sawing, hot forging, polishing, trimming, and inspecting—into one continuous workflow. With this industry-leading process, the cycle-time through our facility is typically less than one week, subject to volume, and virtually eliminates WIP (work in process).
  • Redundancy and Variety of Presses - We have a variety of forging presses, the largest are 5500-ton precision screw presses, rising 40 feet above the plant floor and stretching 44 feet below the ground. Our redundancy of 5500, 4100, and 2100 ton screw presses, and our 1600, 1300, and 1000 ton mechanical presses, allow for flexibility and multiple capacities for many aluminum part requirements from a few ounces to 50 lbs.
  • Six Sigma Methodology - We practice Six Sigma Methodology to continually seek process improvements and uncover efficiency gains.

New Product Speed-to-Market

Anchor Harvey is industry-leading for new tool lead time and samples.

  • 3D Printing Capabilities - With our 3D modeling and printing capabilities we can deliver you a prototype of your forged component.
  • Field Engineers - Field Engineers get involved with early-stage product development to create the most robust and cost-efficient product design within our streamlined process.
  • In-House Tool and Die - We manufacture in-house for maximum die life with multiple CNC mills and state-of-the-art tool steels. Tooling is seamlessly resunk as needed and returned to the identical condition as the original tool. Because we manufacture in house, we can prioritize lead time based on your needs.
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We maintain long-term relationships because our customers trust in our partnership. At Anchor Harvey, partnership means working towards the shared mission of building better products together. We earn trust by establishing a truly personal experience for our customers through our proven expertise, commitment to transparency, and our highly engaged workforce.

  • 100-Year History - We’re masters of manufacturing with 100 years of experience.
  • Design Engineers - We can design from a napkin sketch or from your finished part model. We use forge design simulation software to ensure the most efficient use of material and the most efficient forging process.
  • Highly Engaged Workforce - We have a highly engaged workforce built on collaboration, pride, and a culture of mutual respect. We invest in our employees to support ongoing industry education. We’re built on customer service and prioritize being open and honest with our customers.
  • Forging 101 - We’re happy to educate your engineering team on the Forging 101 process.

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