Magnesium Forgings

At Anchor Harvey, we support you in selecting appropriate tooling, production, and finishing techniques to help you succeed in your most critical initiatives. Our forging specialists, engineers, and metallurgists maintain an unmatched track record of innovation and expertise that have led to our latest breakthrough capability, magnesium (Mg) forgings.

As the first U.S. forging company able to forge magnesium, the lightest structural metal on earth, we are proud to provide new opportunities and benefits for companies across all industries. With forged magnesium components, you can advance your product offerings with the latest technology and the same premier material used in the high-end motorsports, aerospace, and defense markets.

Magnesium’s combination of strength and low density gives it a specific strength greater than either steel or aluminum. This combination of strength and density is what makes magnesium components the ideal choice for lightweighting initiatives in automotive, aerospace, and electric vehicle applications. Additionally, magnesium is as easy to machine as aluminum while being a more workable material. 

We provide you with a primarily domestic supply chain and are able to forge AZ61 and AZ80 magnesium alloys. Our technical experts are also always on-hand to discuss the forging of alternative magnesium alloys including AZ31, ZK60, HM21, and HM31, to ensure you receive the custom tooling solution and near-net forging your application requires. Operating with a century of experience, our team brings together deep industry knowledge, forging expertise, and innovative thinking to deliver not just high-quality forgings, but also optimal results for your business. Contact us today to discover the specific benefits forged magnesium components can provide for your product or application.

Magnesium Advantages

  • Magnesium weighs 75% less than steel
  • Magnesium weighs 50% less than titanium
  • Magnesium weighs 33% less than aluminum
  • High dent and impact resistance
  • Excellent stiffness and advanced damping
  • Easily machined and widely recyclable

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