Light Metal Age - June 2020

We are pleased to be able to share our recent coverage in Light Metal Age. The bi-monthly publication has a long legacy in the aluminum industry with 75 years of experience covering primary and secondary production, extrusion, and rolling while providing in-depth technical, industrial, and market analyses for aluminum producers, manufacturers, and component forgers around the world.

In the magazine’s latest issue, they cast a spotlight on Anchor Harvey’s achievement of our AS9100 certification and our work supplying the commercial, military, and general aviation markets. The article, Venerable Technology-Driven Forging Company Achieves Aerospace Certification, discusses our enabling of stronger, lighter, and more advanced aluminum components for the aerospace industry accompanied by a look at the certification process, Anchor Harvey’s history, and how our AS9100 certification helped prepare us for COVID-19. You can find the article on page 6 of the current, June 2020 issue of Light Metal Age.


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